Stud tail -Supracaudal Gland Hyperplasia

Stud tail -Supracaudal Gland Hyperplasia
Stud tail -Supracaudal Gland Hyperplasia

Stud tail -Supracaudal Gland Hyperplasia

Stud tail is a fairly rare skin condition that occurs mainly on the base of the tail in cats.

It is similar to acne in humans and results from excess skin oil caused by the raised hormonal levels that occur as a young unneutered male cat experiences puberty, their transition to being a stud, or a male capable of breeding.

For reasons that are not fully understood, in very rare cases, some neutered males, unaltered females, and spayed females experience stud tail as well.

Whereas in human beings the excess oil usually clogs pores on the face and back, on cats it clogs the pores where the back and the tail meet and, at times, spreads down the tail.


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- Greasy fur near the rear of the back and on the tail

- In cats with light-colored fur, a yellowing of the fur near or on the tail

- Loss of hair on or near the tail

- Comedones, or blackheads, on or near the tail

- Raw, red, and/or swollen skin on or near the tail

- Red bumps on or near the tail

- Pus on or near the tail


- If the affected cat is an unneutered male, castrating the cat in order to lower the hormone levels.

- Use a buster collar to prevent self trauma.

- Using clippers to remove the hair from the affected area.

- Wash the affected area with a antiseborrheic shampoo and/or antibacterial shampoo.

- Apply topical ointment such as benzoyl peroxide.

- Steroids to reduce swelling.

- Antibiotics to fight secondary infection.

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