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AS we all know that we have to do lot of struggle in preparing for the competition.Competition has been the part and parcel of today’s changing world at all fields and at all levels including the educational field. The students of various academic programmes have to compete at various levels in order to get some job or admission in esteemed institutions. Similar is the case in Veterinary and Animal science education. Persuing post graduation (M.V.Sc) after B.V.Sc & A.H at a good institute is the aim for most of the students. In this context, Indian Council of Agricultural Research, New Delhi conducts All India Competitive Examination for Junior Research Fellowships (JRF) and admission to various post graduate programmes. However, this examination needs good study materials for preparation. In this context, VETSUCCESS  is bringing out “ICAR JRF/SRF Examination Question Bank” for the students of Veterinary Colleges . 

This site  is only a supportive material and not a reference material as a whole. Further, the editors would like to give a disclaimer that the materials provided and views expressed are solely of the authors. Neither the editors nor VETSUCCESS takes responsibility for any errors. 

The editors are thankful to ICAR, New Delhi for providing financial assistance for preparation of this tutorial site. We thank the help and support rendered by Dr. Vet,Dr. Sandy ( Medicine) Dr. Vivek(Nutrition)  in preparing the tutorial question bank. Finally, we thank all the authors who have contributed for the successful preparation of this site.


Dr. DS ( Mvsc. Gynaecology &Obstetrics)